Hello there!

Meet Paul, the founder of Paddy's Bathroom. Paul has two children, called Ella and Paddy.

Once upon a time he created Ella's Kitchen Baby and Children's food and helped lots of little ones to enjoy eating healthy food, inspired by his own experiences as a dad. Paul loves to invent things that make life easier for parents and fun for little ones, so he worked with experts to develop a range of products to help little ones enjoy getting clean.

Ooooh lovely!

We wanted our products to be as gentle as a cuddle and make the time spent together at bath time lovely-bubbly and relaxed, so we use natural ingredients in our plant based formulas, together with bubbly foaming textures to help encourage little ones to play and enjoy getting clean.

Helping our World

And because we truly believe that all businesses should aim to improve our world, we've made our Drop Buy Drop programme a core part of what we do. So far we have helped over 70,000 kids get access to clean & safe water in Africa, you can read all about it by clicking here.