Drop Buy Drop is making water clean for kids

At Paddy's we believe that businesses can be an incredible force for social good. That's why we created our Drop Buy Drop programme, to help those who need it most, get access to clean water for health and hygiene.

So far, together with our shoppers and our friends at DelAgua we have helped over 70,000 children in Rwanda get safe and clean water for drinking, cooking and washing, by helping to fund provide home water filters.
Tulila Primary School is attended by 218 pupils in an arid, rural area where there is limited water. Tulila School is a very happy place where the children love to play football and there is a wonderful school spirit.

Currently, there is insufficient water in the school to meet the needs of the children, they are often unwell as they resort to using unsafe water and this affects their performance at school. The children currently rely on five plastic water tanks which only provide water for less than half the year. For the rest of the time, each child is expected to bring in between 3 and 5 litres of water from home - they collect this from the Mivukoni River which is 4.5 kilometres from the school and Konza Earth Dam which 3.5 kilometres from the school. The water from these open sources is usually contaminated and not safe for drinking.

Working in partnership with the charity Just a Drop, we will be able to transform the lives of these children though clean and safe water.
Tulila School Pupils
Tulila School pupils
Rwanda Children
Washing Hands At School
Washing hands at school
Paddy's Bathroom are providing a water tank for the school to provide year round safe and clean water. The tank will harvest water from the school roof during the two Kenyan rainy seasons. We will also provide 3 hand washing stations and sanitation and hygiene education on how best to use the water to stay healthy.

The proposed solution is sustainable and will lead to many benefits, the children will:

  • Be safer, lowering the risks which occur when fetching the water
  • Be healthier - they will no longer have to drink unclean and unsafe water
  • Be able to attend school more regularly, as they won't be ill, or have to fetch water
  • Conditions in the school will be improved, with increased sanitation and hygiene
  • Children are better able to concentrate on their lessons, as they are hydrated and fed
Paul Meeting Kids and Families in Rwanda 1
Paul Meeting Kids and Families in Rwanda 2
Our founder, Paul meeting kids and families in Rwanda who are now enjoying clean, safe water at home.